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Thursday, May 27th, 2004
10:14 am - Story's done!

Only... four days late. Huge apologies to cdybedahl, who has been admirably patient. I hope you enjoy it.

It's a fairly long piece, so I'll link to it in my own journal: part 1, part 2, and part 3.

Oh, yeah. It's called "The Power and the Other Thing," and it's Willow/Glory (by request) and Willow/Tara (which I hope is okay).

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Sunday, May 23rd, 2004
9:12 pm

For bookishwench
Pairing: (specify 'shippy or not): Willow and Angel, friendship
Requests: (one or two things you'd like to see in your story, i.e. object, time period) season 3 of Buffy, a bag of Skittles
Restriction: (one thing you don't want) No character bashing

I hope you like it! The story takes place shortly after "Doppelgangland," and, okay, so it's not much of a story. More like a scene. But.... enjoy!

taste the rainbowCollapse )

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9:28 am - Willowficathon masterlist!

Tada, the masterlist for the Willowficathon. Writers, please post links to your stories in this thread and feel free to post your fic to the community, if you want. If you'll be late and haven't notified me, please do so, so your story doesn't get given to a backup writer; if you won't be able to finish please let me know as soon as possible. Big thanks to everyone for participating!

mazily wrote for anna_maria: [delay notified]
willow_kat wrote for bookishwench: taste the rainbow
mosca wrote for cdybedahl: The Power and the Other Thing, part 1, part 2, part 3
wardrobewitch wrote for idyll: Where Do We Go From Here?
bookishwench wrote for disastered: Better Than Ice Cream
anna_maria wrote for doyle_sb4: Ipanema
jade_okelani wrote for flurblewig: Red on Blond
puppet_show wrote for hermionesviolin: [delay notified]
sathinks wrote for jade_okelani: when shadows held the world in place
cdybedahl wrote for justapieceofme: White Lady
idyll wrote for willow_kat: Undulation
flurblewig wrote for lauranobaka: The Memory of One Absent Most
lauranobaka wrote for septembergrrl: [delay notified]
moireach wrote for mazily: The Sky Has Claws
septembergrrl wrote for moireach: Light Years to Go
voleuse wrote for mosca: Needs Met
hermionesviolin wrote for nova25: A Day at the Beach
disastered wrote for puppet_show: [delay notified]
doyle_sb4 wrote for rliz: Twice My Burn
seraphcelene wrote a backup for sathinks: Have You Seen the Wind?
rliz wrote for utopianbabie: [delay notified]
utopianbabie wrote for voleuse: At the End of the Day
utopianbabie wrote a backup for wardrobewitch: Desolation Row
justapieceofme wrote for [a dropout]:

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Wednesday, May 19th, 2004
7:51 pm - Two things:

Just to remind everyone, your story is due THIS SUNDAY, May 23.

If you think you CANNOT FINISH on time, please let me know NOW so a backup writer can be arranged and your recipient isn't left storyless.

Otherwise, good luck!

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Tuesday, April 6th, 2004
4:52 pm - Assignments SENT!

All ficathon assignments have now been sent! Early, even. If you didn't get one, let me know and we'll sort out the problem. Otherwise, happy writing. :)

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Tuesday, March 23rd, 2004
1:40 am - Presenting the long overdue: a Willow ficathon!

Signup ends: April 5
Assignments sent out: April 8
Stories due: May 23

How it works:
You specify a story you'd like written for you and in return you'll be assigned someone else's request to write. On May 23 everyone posts their stories and gets a fic in return and voila, Willowy goodness abounds.

1. Minimum length: 750 words
2. On but not before May 23, fic or a link to your fic should be posted here.
3. IF YOU CAN'T FINISH, please let me know as far ahead of time as possible. Please sign up with the awareness of this as a responsibility which may involve writing fic with elements you wouldn't normally explore (i.e. het, slash, threesomes, NC-17, etc).
4. Fic should focus primarily on the character of Willow, from Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
5. Fic should be a surprise for its recipient! So don't go talking to the person you're writing for.
6. When and wherever you post your completed story, include a link back to the master list (here)!

Feel free to add this LJ to your friends list for updates and, eventually, fic. If there are any questions comment below or e-mail me at kyrac [AT] sympatico.ca

TO SIGN UP: Simply copy & paste this into a comment, with your information filled in, or e-mail me with the same. You don't need to have a LiveJournal to comment or participate.

Name (or LJ username):
E-mail address:
Pairing: (specify 'shippy or not)
Requests: (one or two things you'd like to see in your story, i.e. object, time period)
Restriction: (one thing you don't want)
ONE thing you're uncomfortable writing (optional):
Would you be willing to write a backup fic?

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